Elegy (for Jazz Orchestra)

Elegy (for Jazz Orchestra)


You will receive an download link via email within 24 hours. The download is a .zip file that includes a transposed score and all parts.

Instrumentation: Jazz Orchestra (

Reed 1 (flute), Reed 2 (alto sax), Reed 3 (tenor and soprano sax), Reed 4 (tenor sax and clarinet), Reed 5 (bass clarinet)

Soloists: Reed 2 (alto sax) and Reed 3 (tenor sax only)

Runtime: 5:30

“Elegy” was awarded an honorable mention in the 2014 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Awards and garnered the 2018 FirstMusic Commission from the New York Youth Symphony Jazz Band. Intricate passagework in the introduction gives way to a brooding melody. Trading solos build the piece to a cathartic climax before fading away into nothing.

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